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Multi Fandom Flood-Relief Benefit


My offering's here and here ♥.

If anyone who is a friend of fandomfusion would like to signal boost their own offering, train_lindz and I won't object to you posting here. Just spreading the word. Feelings about fandom-sponsored aid varies, we realize.

But since I'm here . . . Lindz, ought we do something productive with this place in 2011? Thoughts?

Anyone? Leave us a note in comments, if you're inclined to re-infuse your fandom spirit :). Or tell us to leave you alone. That goes in comments, too.

Click to join!

Hey, super groovy people, the writing community pulped_fictions is running a pretty neat-o event for original writing and art. Winterval will be festive from December 1 - March 7. Different writing and art categories in which you can participate in and contribute to will be ongoing during that time. Commitment? That's your call. Tailor the commitment to match the involvement level suitable for you.

The primary commitment is signing up. And that is really the biggest. Next is follow through, then it's something else, and then another thing after that - as I assured you, no biggy, right? I'm kidding. pulped_fictions is a joint that's open year round, and its stress dial is set on low. But not so low it can't ignite the fire in your belly. Winterval's writing and art events are styled for a participant to make independent, individual contributions, but the ethos of the event is teamwork! Sign-up by December 1st to be assigned to a team and together you and your teammates earn points to basically win winter. Doesn't everyone want a winter of their own? Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case you settle for summer.

pulped_fictions is a closed community. This means you join-up to join-in. But if anyone is up to trusting me, take my word for it that it's a super groovy place to write and make visual art. See? It's for super groovy people like you.

The pulped_fictions mod may be willing to accept bribes if you ask to be on the Black Team. That's my team. Nothing says Winterval like Black. fandomfusion's co-mod train_lindz is on the Blue Team so if you want to win, avoid that Team.


Part III
Title: Some Act of Glorious Heroism (conclusion)
Author: zia_montrose

Word Count: 3,369
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing and violence
Genre: Drama
Summary: (Missing Moment as outlined in Prisoner of Azkaban) [James] went after Snape and pulled him back, at great risk to his life... Snape glimpsed me, though, at the end of the tunnel.

Surprise, fellow Fusers!  I'm posting the conclusion to the piece I wrote for the awesome Beware the Ides of March challenge--and thank you to those who requested more!  It only took me six months, d'oh!  Are there, by chance, awards being given out to the slowest fanfic writer? 
: D 

Oh, and please note, that this is Part III.  If you're looking for Parts I and II, they're here

Hope to read more from you all soon...

Welcome to Poll-land

Awards for the Beware the Ides of March challenge are nearly ready, but in the mean time, here are many things for next time to ponder and click about:

Which would you prefer for the next challenge?

Genfic for a specific fandom?
Multi fandom genre specific?

If you were to write for a specific fandom, you would write:

Harry Potter
Star Trek
Lord of the Rings

Favourite genre to write?

A mixture
Something that you forgot because you are obviously sleep deprived and I'll tell you in the comments!!!!


Just like Caesar's rule...

fandomfusion's Beware the Ides of March Challenge has ended. Thank you to all of the participants for their stories and art!

chococoffeekiss- Blessed Be The Ties That Bind
magentabear- Notes from Andromeda
duck_or_rabbit - Blackballed
gilpin25- A Grateful Mind
hrymfaxe- For Sacred Ideals
et_tu_lj - A Death Deferred
shimotsuki- Stumbling in the Dark
star54kar - A Mutual Tolerance
javidan- Revelations
francesca_blue - Reflection and Remorse
hereticalvision- Cicatrix and Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
scarletladyy- Alone With Death
zia_montrose - Prod The Knot and Some Act of Glorious Heroism
cuban_sombero - Rebuild All Your Ruins
train_lindz - Like Clockwork

Imaginative awards to come... Feel like nominating someone for something fun? Think javidan should be nominated for something like "Best Dumbledore Drawing on Black Paper"? or zia_montrose for the "Quickest Reviewer"? Let us know!

Still not finished? Feel free to add your story to the community once you have completed it!

duck_or_rabbit and I would like to ask all participants to add 'Character' to their entry headers. This will allow us to generate the masterlist with characters the creators feel are the main players.

Once again, thanks to all the participants, whether it be writer, artist or review, for making our first challenge a success!

AND A BIG THANK YOU TO hrymfaxe FOR HER WONDERFUL BANNER ART! Without it, you would have had to see duck_or_rabbit or I draw, and nobody wants to see that ;)

Blessed Be the Ties That Bind

Title: Blessed Be the Ties that Bind
Author: chococoffeekiss
Genre: General, Humor, Angst
Characters: The Weasley Family
Ratings & warnings: PG for language, mischief, torture and death.
Word count: 4,964
Summary: Family is the only refuge from war.
Author's Note: HAHA! barely finished it in time...
Prompts: #2 Empire and
#55 I won’t give up that ghost
It’s sick the way these tongues are twisted
The good in us is all we know
There’s too much left to taste that’s bitter
‘E-Pro’, Beck

Blessed Be the Ties that BindCollapse )

Notes from Andromeda

Title: Notes from Andromeda
Author: magentabear
Rating: PG-13ish?
Warnings: none
Word Count: 4000
22. "Pity your sister- as a final kindness./When he has granted it, I shall repay/my debt, and with full interest, by my death." (Virgil, The Aeneid, Book 4, lines 599-601)
47. "Now it’s your time and you know where you stand/With a gun in your hand, with a gun in your hand/Now I’m no longer an ordinary man" (‘Be Somebody’, Kings of Leon)
Summary: How three letters taught Sirius Black the meaning of betrayal.
Author’s Notes: Well this is cutting it close with the deadline, no? heh. Thanks so much to the mods for the lovely prompts!

Notes from AndromedaCollapse )


Title: Blackballed
Prompt: (6) Nymph and (65) He’s got to make his own mistakes/And learn to mend the mess he makes/He’s old enough to know what’s right/But young enough not to choose it - 'New World Man' by Rush
Characters/Year: Regulus and Sirius Black, 1976
Rating: PG13 for swearing
Word Count: ~ 3000
Summary: Summary: Regulus sees Sirius' step outside of family lines as personal rejection. Will Regulus take that step himself? Or was his brother's choice less visionary and more opportunistic? Having lost contact over the summer holiday, Sirius and Regulus meet-up for the first time since the familial disownment.
A/N: This story has been stored in my memory and in bits on my hard drive for a while, and fandomfusion's genfic and art challenge was a chance for it to have an official lj home. It was meant to be enjoyed, and I hope that happens if you read. It's unbeta'd, so politely point out spotted errors.


PS - I owe everyone who contributed to fandomfusion's first challenge loads of reviews. I finished my month long work project tonight ::silent scream:: and my free time has returned. I ♥ you all for being part of this!

A Grateful Mind

Title: A Grateful Mind
Author: gilpin25
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild profanity
Word Count: 4104
Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall
#25 "No man, against my fate, sends me to Hades. And as for fate, I'm sure no man escapes it, Neither a good nor bad man, once he's born." Homer, the Iliad.
#46 No more talk about the old days, It's time for something great. 'Atoms for Peace', Thom Yorke.
Summary: Remus Lupin has the chance of a lifetime; more than that, he's being given a life. But does he know what it will cost him? (Set at the start of PoA.)
Author’s Notes: There was a deadline? ;) Many thanks to the mods for organising and inspiring. I've used a famous film/TV series quote about halfway through this, which should be instantly recognisable as definitely not being my words but I have highlighted it at the end. Feedback is always much appreciated. :)

A Grateful Mind

Jun. 1st, 2009

Title: For Sacred Ideals
Artist: hrymfaxe
Rating: R
Characters: Fabian and Gideon Prewett, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Molly Weasley.
Warnings: character death, violence
5 Mars

35 You will stir up the hornets.
- Plautus Amphitruo (act II, 2, 75)

56 Everybody knows the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
‘Everybody Knows’, Leonard Cohen

Medium: Pencils, ink and watercolour.
Summary: It's 1981, and things are starting to fall apart for members of The Order of the Phoenix.
Artist's Notes: Thank you for an amazing challenge, that let me stretch my artistic muscles like never before. My little idea turned into a 12-page graphic novel!! The title comes from a poem by Norbert Capek.

For Sacred Ideals



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